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Help, Answers and Advice about your Web Site

Things to Keep Track Of


Working in the electronic world of marketing it's always reassuring to know the effectiveness of your campaigns and whether they are bring in sales and referrals to your business. But what are some of the things you can (and should be tracking)?   1. How people are getting to your website. You want to ...

New CMS developed by Aussie developer
(well it's us, but nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion!)


That's right, Trent Moffatt Designs has developed a new Content Management System. Sporting a new stylish interface, better usability as well as allowing independent, time delay editing capabilities, the new TMD Content Management System is a real beauty! Some of our key features include: WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) ...

New Staff for TMD


We are happy to announce that our team is growing!  We would like to welcome Andrew Gibson to Trent Moffatt Designs, and we are stoked to have him on board. Andrew is a search engine optimisation specialist and will be working closer with clients wanting to get better placement within search ...

Is there a silver lining in Silverlight?


The first version of Silverlight was Microsoft's answer to the Adobe's extremely popular Flash Player. Silverlight (like flash) allows users access to more interactivity and a 'richer online experience' through the use of animation, video and sound. With an install rate of around 98%, the vast majority of users on ...

How to get Social Media to work for your business.


My old man told me 15 years ago “Son, this internet thing is never going to fly”. 15 years on, and he had everything an internet grandpa needs - an ipad, a couple of iMacs, and now he wants to get an iPhone. How things have changed. Strangely however, many people ...

Marketing your website offline


A lot of focus these days is getting your website found online via a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, and this is important.  However people tend forget some of the very cost effective offline things they can do to promote their website. One of the most powerful things a ...

Top 7 Secrets to Improving your email marketing campaigns


There are the good, the bad and the plain ugly email marketing campaigns that are bouncing around the internet as we speak.  But what are the top 7 things you can do to improve your response from email marketing: Get the right database.  Focus on quality not quantity - it is ...

Kev's Plan for Broadband


Broadband is obviously very important for the development of Australia''s future, but even more so for Australian website owners as broadband opens up the end users web experience through video, animation and interaction. This is particularly important because the more interesting or exciting the experience is, the more likely it ...

More Australians are turning to the Internet for Information


It's no surprise that more and more Australian''s are turning to the internet for information. As tragic as Heath Ledgers death was, the Sydney Morning Herald website experienced a 250% increase in browser traffic, and a 60% increase of actual page views. Yahoo reported the term "heath ledger" experienced a massive 110,285% ...

I don't understand Twitter - Help!


“I don’t get Twitter”, is often a phrase I hear from business owners, marketing execs and the average man in the street. And it doesn’t surprise me. Twitter can be quite tricky to get your head around. However once you do, you will find it can be a valuable resource ...

Help, Answers and Advice about your Web Site

Advertising on the internet - a beginners guide.


Our clients constantly ask us how they can make a direct revenue stream by running advertising on their website. Advertising on websites usually involves placing a link or banner at the top or side of your site. There are three different ways to charge for banner advertising on your site: CPM - ...

Humanity Check


Online Forms are a critical part of doing business on the internet, whether it's internet banking, booking flights / travel or simply lodging an enquiry with a local business. However, due to an increase in Spam being received via online forms, many businesses are opting to install 'humanity' checks. What is ...

Adwords and Sponsored Search


To find new customers and increase sales you need to be found quickly and easily online. The majority of people who are looking for a particular service or product will utilise a search engine such as Google. Two types of search There are two types of search results Google provides: - Natural (also called ...

How to: Embed You Tube Video


    Find  the video you wish to embed from You Tube Click the "embed" button.   Customise your player.  Here you can Adjust width / height Turn off Related Videos (we would recommend this, if you are embedding your videos on your corporate site)   Copy the Embed Code   Login into your CMS (or blog), and locate the article ...

How to take a screenshot


To take a snapshot of what is currently on your screen:   Windows Users Hit your "Print Screen" button (May also be abbreviated to PrtScn)   Open up a Microsoft Word Create a new document Go to "edit" - > "paste" Save this document. Email this document to Trent Moffatt Designs. Mac Users Press "Command", "Shift", "3" simultaneously This will save the ...

Disabling Friendly HTTP Error Messages


To help your web developer resolve script problems - try turning off "Friendly HTTP Error Messages".   To do this in Internet Explorer 7.0 Click on tools -> "Internet Options" Note on Internet Explorer 6 - the "Tools" menu is location where menus normally are.   Click on the "Advanced" tab   Scroll down and tick off "Show ...

Email marketing tips 2009


We''re big fans of email marketing, and with the new year in full swing, we reckon it could be time for you to review, update (or even begin) your email marketing. Out with the old and in with the new Been sending the same message or style of email campaign for ages? ...

Microsofts IE8 Incompatible List - 2400 sites (and counting!)


Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) promises to be the most standards compliant browser ever released by Microsoft. However its a catch 22. Web developers have always had to apply work arounds (or hacks) to their site to get them to display properly under previous versions of IE, however now that IE ...

How to create a blog


A blog is an online web log (hence blog) maintained by an individual (kind of like an online journal) or by a business. Usually a blog focuses on a select number of topics (or themes) and contains regular entries of text, video and links to other websites. You can read ...

Keeping an Eye Out with Google Alerts


Keeping an eye on what people are saying about you or your company on the internet is quite a daunting task. However our favourite search engine Google has come to the rescue with an excellent service known as Google Alerts. Google Alerts allows you to keep track of a particular topic ...