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Shim Jang Taekwondo

09 January 2004


Trent Moffatt Designs is pleased to announce the launch of the Shim Jang Taekwondo web site. Shim Jang Taekwondo is an independent , non competitive Self Defence Martial Art Style that dedicates itself to the development and well being of it's practitioners. Working closely with Founder Les Hicks, TMD constructed a simple ...

How to take a screenshot

29 May 2009


To take a snapshot of what is currently on your screen:   Windows Users Hit your "Print Screen" button (May also be abbreviated to PrtScn)   Open up a Microsoft Word Create a new document Go to "edit" - > "paste" Save this document. Email this document to Trent Moffatt Designs. Mac Users Press "Command", "Shift", "3" simultaneously This will save the ...

Springbrook Mountain Manor

28 January 2004


Trent Moffatt Designs is proud to announce the launch of Springbrook Mountain Manor's web site. Work closely with the Owners - we developed an integrated flash/html web site that reflects the Manor's stunning grounds and facilities. More:

How to embed links in word

15 November 2010


When you are providing copy to your web developer, using Microsoft Word is standard. But did you know that rather than providing copy such as: CompanyXYZ has experienced an increase in profit of over 500%, click here [ link to ]. You can actually embed the link in the actual text? ...

When you should (and shouldn't use Wordpress).

16 January 2015


Wordpress is an open sourced blogging platform used by a lot of sites worldwide.  However there are times when Wordpress is great, and when it is not so great. First Up ... If your site is basically a blog (or is very news oriented), Wordpress is a fantastic option to consider using.  ...

Why your Google keyword search Analytics are showing not provided

27 November 2013


Two years ago, Google started encrypting searches for signed-in users, and many thought that Google would eventually encrypt 100% of searches even for those not signed-in. That prediction came true as Google announced it would encrypt all keyword searches for all users starting about a month ago.   Other search providers ...

Trent's Top 5 Tips for getting ranked in Search Engines

27 July 2006


Most people turn to a search engine (such as Yahoo., Google or Bing) when it comes to finding businesses online.  The majority of the time a customer will also use a generic keyword / term (i.e "holidays") as opposed to a business name to find what they are looking for.  ...

Google Shopping

24 May 2011


Our favourite search engine Google has launched a new service called “Google Shopping” in Australia that helps users find products online. Initially users just enter the product into the standard Google Search, but then have the option of selecting the “shopping” tab (similar to if they just wanted to show “news” ...

What is responsive design?

08 February 2013


  Responsive web design is a technique that scales and adjusts your website so that it fits optimally on a device (e.g. iPhone / iPad).   This allows the user to view your site with minimal scrolling or resizing (zooming in and out). With more and more users using mobile based devices, it ...

Gold Coast Laser and Metal Works Company Goes Online.

14 August 2009


TMD and the team announced today the launch of Barrys Metal Works and Laser Cutting website.   Combining a custom design, simple flash animation and a easy to use Content Management System, the boys at Barry's have a great marketing tool that helps promote their business online Scott from Barry's was ecstatic ...

Adwords and Sponsored Search

31 January 2010


To find new customers and increase sales you need to be found quickly and easily online. The majority of people who are looking for a particular service or product will utilise a search engine such as Google. Two types of search There are two types of search results Google provides: - Natural (also called ...

eMatters payment gateway shutdown

19 May 2016


The eMatters Payment Gateway is closing down on the 30th of June, and if your account is being migrated to eWay - here is a roadmap of how this will occur (please note that this Roadmap, has been sent to eWay for confirmation and approval. If at any stage, this ...

How to: Embed You Tube Video

16 November 2009


    Find  the video you wish to embed from You Tube Click the "embed" button.   Customise your player.  Here you can Adjust width / height Turn off Related Videos (we would recommend this, if you are embedding your videos on your corporate site)   Copy the Embed Code   Login into your CMS (or blog), and locate the article ...

Surf Collectables comes together at Von Weirdos

01 August 2008


  Developing a site for surf and beach culture collectors Von Weirdos, required Trent Moffatt Designs to think outside the square.   So firstly who are Von Weirdos (aside from the cool and funky name)? Von Weirdos are the preferred and reliable choice for surf and beach culture collectors. Von Weirdos "The Surf Traders'' ...

NetRanger File Manager Upgrade available

24 August 2015


A number of clients have very recently reported receiving a "302" error when trying to upload files to their NetRanger CMS via Firefox, Safari and Internet explorer (Please note Chrome does not appear to be affected at this stage).  This is due to Recent "Cpanel" security updates installed by your web hosting ...


Setting Up Google Analytics

04 August 2015


So your website is now built, and we have suggested that we install Google Analytics on your site. Firstly ... what is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports what users are doing on your website. What kind of data is reported? Lots - but ...

Setting up multiple versions of your site in different countries.

27 May 2015


Customising your site for different countries is sometimes a necessity.  Specifically you may offer different services, sell different products or have a different message for customers in different countries. You may also want to redirect users from specific countries to the correct version of your site. Considerations: You will most likely want to have ...

February Edition of URL

24 February 2015


Welcome to the February edition of URL.  In this issue we look at why your site needs a refresh, we take a look at the recent ePublishing we've done for Wet Paper Publications, and give you some ideas about why you should review your website. Enjoy :) Need a website review? Reasons ...

When you should (and shouldn't use Wordpress).

16 January 2015


Wordpress is an open sourced blogging platform used by a lot of sites worldwide.  However there are times when Wordpress is great, and when it is not so great. First Up ... If your site is basically a blog (or is very news oriented), Wordpress is a fantastic option to consider using.  ...

Christmas 2014 Closing Dates

25 November 2014


The year has absolutely just flown past! And as always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients and suppliers for their business and support in 2014 and look forward to working with you all in 2015. We will be taking a break over the Christmas ...

August 2014 Edition of URL

27 August 2014


Welcome to the August edition of URL. In this edition we welcome "Bob", look at a recent project for Sunnyside Meats, and our Email Marketing Partner Vision 6 offers advice and a free e-guide for mobile friendly email design. Bob is here! We are pleased to announce that Bob (our new helpdesk ...

New Helpdesk System now Online

12 August 2014


We are pleased to announce that Bob (our new helpdesk system) is now fully up and running. We sent an invite to all our current clients earlier this month. If you didn't receive an invite - please click here, and we will get you logged in and using Bob straight ...

Why do smaller images look less sharp on the web?

08 August 2014


When you resize a photo smaller, your photo editor (we used Industry standard Photoshop) will need to remove pixels from the image. (smaller images, contain less pixels). During this “removal” of pixels,  Photoshop is trying to figure out how to best remove pixels, and reassemble the edges in the image.  As ...

Handy Email Marketing Checklist

04 August 2014


  When you are sending email campaigns yourself (either using our own self managed campaign tool or third party software), here is a handy check list we've developed at TMD Online to make sure your campaigns are sent error free. Mobile Devices Over the last five years we have seen average mobile "opens" increase ...

Why don’t I get contact enquiries from my website?

18 July 2014


It is common practice these days to have a contact or enquiry form on your website.  Often enquiries that are generated from this form are sent through to a specific email address, e.g. Why don’t I get these enquiries?  A bit of background. There are a number of reasons why you ...