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Provincial Personnel

21 October 2005


TMD is proud to announce the launch of its latest development for Provincial Personnel. Peter Lyons from Provincial Personnel: "Trent Moffatt Designs provided our company with a very professional service because they listened when we talked about what we wanted the site to do for us, and they offered truly ...

How to build links to your website.

27 March 2006


The world wide web consists entirely of a huge collection of links. Hooking into this global network, although challenging, is an important task that is often over looked by website owners. Getting other websites to link to yours has two distinct benefits: 1. Helps get people to your website 2. Can boost your page rank ...

I want my site found in Search Engines - how do I do this?

05 August 2008


Getting your site found in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live can be tricky, and although it is possible to "self optimise" a website, getting a good Search Engine Optimiser on board can really help. To help you understand how search engines work, and to find ...

Why your SEO Strategy needs to change.

06 February 2013


We've spoken previously on how important Search Engine Optimisation is and why "white hat" or ethical SEO is the way to go when it comes to optimising your site for Google.  With more recent algorithm updates, Google is started to clamp down heavily on "black hat" SEO practices.  What this ...

Why email campaigns should not just contain images.

22 August 2013


Whenever someone receives an email (that contains linked images), 9 times out of 10, the user has to opt to “download” images. Below is an example of the last version of URL (our enewsletter) we sent.  Note images do not automatically download, and that as a user I have to ...

Why Use TMD for your email Marketing

28 February 2014


There are a large number of self managed email marketing systems available in the marketplace, and comparing “apples with apples” can sometimes be difficult.  What we offer. We are an authorised partner of Vision 6, a local (Brisbane based) email marketing provider. Why choose us (in comparison with other options you may be considering) We ...

Setting up multiple versions of your site in different countries.

27 May 2015


Customising your site for different countries is sometimes a necessity.  Specifically you may offer different services, sell different products or have a different message for customers in different countries. You may also want to redirect users from specific countries to the correct version of your site. Considerations: You will most likely want to have ...

Importance of setting proper title, meta descriptions and seo urls

26 May 2016


For years we've spoken about how important Search Engine Optimisation is for the vast majority of websites. However when looking at a page, what does Google find important? Title tag.  The title tag is what appears in the "tab" name at the top of the browser. The Heading 1 tag (this is ...

Flame Developments

27 June 2006


Trent Moffatt Designs is proud to announce the launch of the Flame Developments website. Utilising a clean crisp design and an intuitive yet powerful CMS (Content Management System), Flame Developments has a new site that they can use to promote and gain business. "TMD was a pleasure to work with - the ...

Christmas Closing Dates

07 December 2007


Its been a great year for Trent Moffatt Designs- and we would like to thank all our clients, suppliers and partners for their  support this year and look forward to working with you all in 2008.   Just a quick reminder our office will be closed from 12pm ...

Advertising on the internet - a beginners guide.

10 May 2010


Our clients constantly ask us how they can make a direct revenue stream by running advertising on their website. Advertising on websites usually involves placing a link or banner at the top or side of your site. There are three different ways to charge for banner advertising on your site: CPM - ...

Handy Email Marketing Checklist

04 August 2014


  When you are sending email campaigns yourself (either using our own self managed campaign tool or third party software), here is a handy check list we've developed at TMD Online to make sure your campaigns are sent error free. Mobile Devices Over the last five years we have seen average mobile "opens" increase ...

February Edition of URL

24 February 2015


Welcome to the February edition of URL.  In this issue we look at why your site needs a refresh, we take a look at the recent ePublishing we've done for Wet Paper Publications, and give you some ideas about why you should review your website. Enjoy :) Need a website review? Reasons ...

Adventure GC

29 June 2005

(14 views) was developed by Trent Moffatt Designs for GCCC in conjunction with the Gold Coast Backpacker Industry Development Project, which is the result of an Australian Government Regional Partnerships Grant awarded in November last year to the Gold Coast Adventure Travel Group. Chair of Council's Economic and Cultural Development Committee, Cr ...

Hillier Engineering Services gets a makeover

27 April 2009


TMD is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Hillier Engineering Services. Hillier Engineering Services is a family owned and operated business located at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and specialise in precision machined quality component parts. They also specialise in complex and difficult machining operations as ...


August Edition of URL 2013

23 August 2013


 In this issue of URL we give you tips on making your email campaigns more successful, look at secure certificates for your website, and we showcase three new websites that we have launched recently. We hope you are making the most of this warmer weather - it feels like spring may have sprung a ...

Why email campaigns should not just contain images.

22 August 2013


Whenever someone receives an email (that contains linked images), 9 times out of 10, the user has to opt to “download” images. Below is an example of the last version of URL (our enewsletter) we sent.  Note images do not automatically download, and that as a user I have to ...

Site Launches for August

09 August 2013


It's been very busy at TMD Online!   We have just completed the launch of 3 major websites for our clients: Wet Paper Publications - publisher of Marine Studies textbooks for Senior High School Students.   Full customised eCommerce site Purchasing and Viewing of Electronic Publications (+ Associated security that comes along with this) Medibank ...

Registering a certificate with Rapid SSL

04 July 2013


What is a Secure Certificate A secure certificate allows you to accept sensitive information (such as credit card details) from users via your website.   To register a certificate with RapidSSL you need to perform the following steps. Before you proceed: Make sure you’ve got around 20 minutes to complete this process. You should check ...

Last Edition of URL - May 2013

31 May 2013


Ever wondered what you need to do to be able to take customer payments online?  Or what the common problems are with online payments?  Then read on!  In this edition of URL we look at both of these questions, and let you know exactly what you can expect when you take online payments.  ...

101 ways credit card transactions can fail on your website

28 May 2013


There are a number of reasons a credit card authorisation (when a user is trying to buy something on your website) can fail, in fact there around a 100 valid reasons a card can fail.   Out of those 100, there are usually only one or two that are in relation ...

Taking Online Credit Card Payments

23 May 2013


Taking online credit card payments via your website is a great way to allow your customers and clients to make payment. But exactly what is the process to implement it? Firstly you need to get a merchant account through a bank.  Note you should use one of the majors (some of ...

Launch of XBCIT

15 May 2013


We've recently launched the new website for XBCIT.  XBCIT needed a fresh design, and an easy to use Content Management System to update the site.   Using our own CMS "NetRanger" and developing a fresh / clean design - XBCIT were wrapped with their new site... Read more below.  TMD ...

Feb Edition of URL

28 February 2013


Welcome to the February edition of URL. This issue Luke Halliday from Mercury IT talks about the importance of password strength, and we look at responsive design and why your site should have it! Click here to read more 

Password Strength is Vital in Protecting Your Business and Personal Information

19 February 2013


Guest Writer: Luke Halliday from Mercury IT In today's technologically driven business marketplace one of most often overlooked points of vulnerability to your business and personal security is the strength or weakness of the passwords that you define for usage when logging into: your computer network, email provider, online banking, accounting ...