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Taking Online Credit Card Payments

23 May 2013


Taking online credit card payments via your website is a great way to allow your customers and clients to make payment. But exactly what is the process to implement it? Firstly you need to get a merchant account through a bank.  Note you should use one of the majors (some of ...

2013 Christmas Closing Dates

25 November 2013


Can you believe that the big man in the red suit is almost here?  The TMD Online team is taking a well-deserved break over the Chrissy holidays.  During this time we will be recharging the batteries, drinking the odd brewski and hoping that something special gets dropped into our Christmas ...

Why you should make your site responsive.

24 August 2015


Earlier in 2015 : Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that was designed to boost mobile-friendly pages in mobile search results.  There are two ways to have a "mobile friendly" site Option A: Build a completely seperate site  Option B (Recommended): Make your current site "responsive" (e.g adapt to mobile devices). (Better ...

Christmas 2014 Closing Dates

25 November 2014


The year has absolutely just flown past! And as always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients and suppliers for their business and support in 2014 and look forward to working with you all in 2015. We will be taking a break over the Christmas ...

Tom Goudkamp

02 February 2005


We are proud to announce the launch of international injury lawyer Tom Goudkamp''s website. more :

Why don’t I get contact enquiries from my website?

18 July 2014


It is common practice these days to have a contact or enquiry form on your website.  Often enquiries that are generated from this form are sent through to a specific email address, e.g. Why don’t I get these enquiries?  A bit of background. There are a number of reasons why you ...

Launch of Skal Australia

13 August 2010


Trent Moffatt Designs is really excited to launch the Skal Australia website. Building a system that centrally manages multiple sites for this organisation (currently there are 22 chapters around Australia) was critical for Skal, and deploying our custom CMS made this all possible within a tight two month timeframe. Skal is ...

New Billing System

30 May 2011


TMD Online is currently working on our new billing and job management platform (which we’ve codenamed “Wrangler”). Key Features Key features that you can expect to see from Wrangler rolled out over the coming months: Ability to view and pay invoices online Check balances of accounts View statements View account activity (payments, reminders, notes) Better client notifications ...

Broadband Expo

26 July 2004


THE Gold Coast City Council is inviting people interested in learning more about broadband to "log-on" to the 2004 Broadband Expo. See:

Email Marketing Gets Results!

26 April 2006


Email marketing - its powerful, generates sales and is very cost effective.  Yet not many businesses are taking advantage of one of the most powerful tools they already have - their existing clients, and marketing to them via email. With email marketing you can personalise each email ("Dear Fred"), highlight new ...

Google Maps Listings

28 May 2010


A Google Maps Local Business Centre Listing is another way for your business to appear in Google's search results, and an additional way to drive potential customers to your website. An example of this is: To add a listing to Google Maps: The process begins with actually creating your business listing with Google ...

Outlook Aliases

30 July 2010


If you use outlook, you may have noticed when you receive an email, rather than seeing a person's email address you see a name instead. This is because Outlook 'hides' the email and replaces it with the person's name. This is normally not an issue. However, when your web developer builds ...

101 ways credit card transactions can fail on your website

28 May 2013


There are a number of reasons a credit card authorisation (when a user is trying to buy something on your website) can fail, in fact there around a 100 valid reasons a card can fail.   Out of those 100, there are usually only one or two that are in relation ...

End of Life for ASP Classic Sites

20 January 2016


Websites eventually reach their natural end of life for various reasons including new and better technologies becoming available, customer preferences change, search engines algorithm updates and support for third party plugins (such as file upload components) comes to end. You can read more about why you should upgrade your website here. This ...

QR Concrete

29 April 2005


We are proud today to announce the launch of QR Concrete new corporate website. QR Concrete's primary role is a provider of concrete contracting services to builders, project managers, developers and property owners in the commercial and industrial arena. more:


May 2014 Edition of URL

30 May 2014


Welcome to the May edition of URL. The year is already flying past (can you believe it's almost the end of financial year!) and we've been busy working on our new support ticketing system which we've nicknamed ... "Bob". Meet Bob ... "Bob" is our new support ticketing system. Basically he is ...

Web Fonts

09 May 2014


A lot of progress has been made in the past few years, in regards to getting fonts to display on your website.  In the past we were limited to either using “standard fonts” (e.g. Arial, Verdana) for all text, or embedding text inside a graphic or flash file (which is ...

Australia's new privacy laws and what they mean for your email marketing

20 March 2014


Do you shudder at the thought of having to read over a neverending commonwealth act and endless legal babble? Do you feel like you need a law degree just to make any sense of it all? If so, you’re not alone, most people cringe at the thought. Australia’s recently amended ...

Why Use TMD for your email Marketing

28 February 2014


There are a large number of self managed email marketing systems available in the marketplace, and comparing “apples with apples” can sometimes be difficult.  What we offer. We are an authorised partner of Vision 6, a local (Brisbane based) email marketing provider. Why choose us (in comparison with other options you may be considering) We ...

Feb 2014 Edition of URL

28 February 2014


Welcome to the February edition of URL. In this issue we look at why you should consider using TMD Online for your email marketing, as well as discuss why the ACCC is cracking down on fake reviews. In brief: New Ticketing System is on its way! TMD is currently developing a new ...

Make sure your Online Reviews are Legit

18 December 2013


When you are first starting off your online business, or when its difficult to get decent online reviews - it can be tempting to create "fake" reviews (however doing so can land you in BIG trouble).   Sparked by continuous complaints from the public and business community, the ACCC (Australian Competition ...

Why your Google keyword search Analytics are showing not provided

27 November 2013


Two years ago, Google started encrypting searches for signed-in users, and many thought that Google would eventually encrypt 100% of searches even for those not signed-in. That prediction came true as Google announced it would encrypt all keyword searches for all users starting about a month ago.   Other search providers ...

2013 Christmas Closing Dates

25 November 2013


Can you believe that the big man in the red suit is almost here?  The TMD Online team is taking a well-deserved break over the Chrissy holidays.  During this time we will be recharging the batteries, drinking the odd brewski and hoping that something special gets dropped into our Christmas ...

Finding out what an images size is

23 August 2013


Sometimes its useful to find out what an images "size" is on a website (specifically if you want to replace this image with another image).  To do this Instructions for Chrome (windows) Instructions for Firefox (windows) Instructions for Internet Explorer (windows) Instructions for Safari / Chrome (mac) Important note - this will not work for ...

August Edition of URL 2013

23 August 2013


 In this issue of URL we give you tips on making your email campaigns more successful, look at secure certificates for your website, and we showcase three new websites that we have launched recently. We hope you are making the most of this warmer weather - it feels like spring may have sprung a ...