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Launch Date: 06 February 2009

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  • Customised Design
  • Content Management System
  • eCommerce
  • Search Engines Optimisation

Testimonial from beadID

Our website looks fantastic and we have been exceptionally pleased with the outcome. We chose Trent Moffatt Designs because Trent really understood that we wanted to create a website that had a community feel to it, that was user friendly, and that was crisp and clean and yet still colourful.
During the entire process Trent constantly gave us extra ideas that we implemented and he took the project on wholeheartedly. Trent became caught up in our enthusiasm for our product and the vision for our company and this has led us to work closely together to produce a fantastic website.
As our company grows and changes we will continue to work closely with Trent to keep our website up to date.  Trent always addressed any issue we had as quickly as possible, was easily accessible and flexible. The CMS is easy to use and offers us great flexibility.
Overall, building our website was a great experience and we love the outcome. Thanks Trent.

Rochelle Callard

06 February 2009

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