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Why Use TMD for your email Marketing

28 February 2014


There are a large number of self managed email marketing systems available in the marketplace, and comparing “apples with apples” can sometimes be difficult.  What we offer. We are an authorised partner of Vision 6, a local (Brisbane based) email marketing provider. Why choose us (in comparison with other options you may be considering) We ...

When you should (and shouldn't use Wordpress).

16 January 2015


Wordpress is an open sourced blogging platform used by a lot of sites worldwide.  However there are times when Wordpress is great, and when it is not so great. First Up ... If your site is basically a blog (or is very news oriented), Wordpress is a fantastic option to consider using.  ...

Adventure GC

29 June 2005

(14 views) was developed by Trent Moffatt Designs for GCCC in conjunction with the Gold Coast Backpacker Industry Development Project, which is the result of an Australian Government Regional Partnerships Grant awarded in November last year to the Gold Coast Adventure Travel Group. Chair of Council's Economic and Cultural Development Committee, Cr ...

Flame Developments

27 June 2006


Trent Moffatt Designs is proud to announce the launch of the Flame Developments website. Utilising a clean crisp design and an intuitive yet powerful CMS (Content Management System), Flame Developments has a new site that they can use to promote and gain business. "TMD was a pleasure to work with - the ...

Hillier Engineering Services gets a makeover

27 April 2009


TMD is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Hillier Engineering Services. Hillier Engineering Services is a family owned and operated business located at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and specialise in precision machined quality component parts. They also specialise in complex and difficult machining operations as ...

Humanity Check

25 February 2010


Online Forms are a critical part of doing business on the internet, whether it's internet banking, booking flights / travel or simply lodging an enquiry with a local business. However, due to an increase in Spam being received via online forms, many businesses are opting to install 'humanity' checks. What is ...

Social Marketing by TMD

26 August 2010


Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Linked In. Many businesses have heard of these social networking sites, some have even setup accounts on these sites. However many businesses have no idea how to best use them. Improper use of these sites can be even worse though. Some of the worse things we've seen: Improper ...

Christmas 2014 Closing Dates

25 November 2014


The year has absolutely just flown past! And as always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients and suppliers for their business and support in 2014 and look forward to working with you all in 2015. We will be taking a break over the Christmas ...

Launch of

11 April 2007


This month, TMD launched the new site for AgroBest Australia is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of innovative crop protection and liquid nutrition products. Integrating Agrobest's existing Content Management System (CMS) with Flash - the new Agrobest site looks stylish and professional, whilst still allowing Agrobest easy access to updating their products and news.  More:

Christmas Hours and Out Of Hours Support

21 November 2011


Ho Ho Ho – can you believe Christmas is almost here?  The TMD Online team is taking a well-deserved break over the Chrissy holidays.  During this time we will be recharging the batteries, drinking the odd brewski and hoping that a new iPhone gets dropped into our Christmas stockings. We would ...

Why your SEO Strategy needs to change.

06 February 2013


We've spoken previously on how important Search Engine Optimisation is and why "white hat" or ethical SEO is the way to go when it comes to optimising your site for Google.  With more recent algorithm updates, Google is started to clamp down heavily on "black hat" SEO practices.  What this ...

Why don’t I get contact enquiries from my website?

18 July 2014


It is common practice these days to have a contact or enquiry form on your website.  Often enquiries that are generated from this form are sent through to a specific email address, e.g. Why don’t I get these enquiries?  A bit of background. There are a number of reasons why you ...

Media Centre

18 October 2004


Trent Moffatt Designs is proud to announce the launch of an interactive Content Management System (CMS) for Media Centre. Utilising a design developed in house by Media Centre, TMD developed a custom solution that allows Media Centre to update their online portfolio quickly and easily. "The new system is quick, easy and ...

Disabling Friendly HTTP Error Messages

28 February 2009


To help your web developer resolve script problems - try turning off "Friendly HTTP Error Messages".   To do this in Internet Explorer 7.0 Click on tools -> "Internet Options" Note on Internet Explorer 6 - the "Tools" menu is location where menus normally are.   Click on the "Advanced" tab   Scroll down and tick off "Show ...

Launch of Dometic Asia Website

10 March 2010


The Dometic group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative comfort products for the RV, truck, car, and boat markets. "Working with TMD is always a pleasure.  We can quickly and easily add products via our CMS, and the output of these products on the website clearly identifies to our customers ...


Why you shouldn't launch a website on a Friday

02 November 2012


  You've finished your website, and now you are keen to get it online – however it’s noon on a Friday.  Unless you've got a major advertising blitz planned for the weekend (in which case your site should have been live earlier) it is recommended that you wait until Monday to send it live. Why? Sometimes we ...

SEO and spam

21 August 2012


We all receive spam emails.  However as website owners we often get emails from (mostly) overseas companies offering to “optimise” our websites and get amazing results. Firstly what is Search Engine Optimisation? Search Engine Optimisation is the process where a website gets “optimised” to boost visibility within the Natural (also called “organic”) ...

Handy Email Marketing Checklist

06 July 2012


  When you are sending email campaigns yourself (either using our own self managed campaign tool or third party software), here is a handy check list we've developed at TMD Online to make sure your campaigns are sent error free. 3 things often over looked: When creating a campaign, a lot of people get ...

"Find and Replace" Can be a Bad Idea

17 May 2012


  Every now and then we get a request asking for us to change all instances of text on a website from “text a” to “text b”, e.g. “can you change our phone number from (07) 2222 2222 to (07) 3333 3333”. This sounds very easy to achieve with a “find and ...

Investing in good photography gets results.

17 May 2012


We found this great article on the Smart Company website that highlights why some of the big retailers are making sure each of their products are shot and uploaded properly.  If you are selling products online this article is a great article. read more here.

Why you shouldn't list every country in your "country" dropdown

17 May 2012


Most websites have a contact or signup form that allows visitors to their site to lodge their details.  Now I don’t know about you, but what frustrates me is being confronted with a massive “country” dropdown that contains every country in the world. Let’s boil this down.  You’re doing business in ...

Clearing your cache

27 April 2012


Most internet browsers employ caching - the process of storing files locally (i.e on your computer) so that the second or third time you request a file - the browser can access your local cache - thus making your internet browsing experience faster.  Hence clearing your cache may be a necessary ...

Non Standard Fonts

27 February 2012


All computers / devices, whether they be a Mac, PC or a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device, come with a series of standard fonts (basically they are pre-packaged). However, we are often asked by our clients to use their “corporate font” on their website. If this corporate font ...

Christmas Hours and Out Of Hours Support

21 November 2011


Ho Ho Ho – can you believe Christmas is almost here?  The TMD Online team is taking a well-deserved break over the Chrissy holidays.  During this time we will be recharging the batteries, drinking the odd brewski and hoping that a new iPhone gets dropped into our Christmas stockings. We would ...

Fraud Prevention Tools

21 November 2011


When taking online payments via your website, the vast majority of times this payment is processed in real time through a payment gateway (TMD’s recommended solution). As part of this payment gateway, there are normally a series of “fraud tools” that help weed out dodgy payments.  We’ve listed below a number ...