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Launch of Dometic Asia Website

10 March 2010


The Dometic group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative comfort products for the RV, truck, car, and boat markets. "Working with TMD is always a pleasure.  We can quickly and easily add products via our CMS, and the output of these products on the website clearly identifies to our customers ...

What is a landing page?

28 May 2010


A landing page is a page on your website that appears when a potential customer clicks on a link in a search engine (this can either be a sponsored or natural search listing), advertisement (e.g. a banner ad) or from a link in an email. Natural Search From a search engine optimisation ...

What is an RSS Feed?

20 August 2010


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is used by websites to publish and promote frequently updated content such as news, blogs, specials, new products or video and audio. Users with an RSS Viewer can 'subscribe' to various RSS Feeds, which allow them to view content from a number of sites ...

Setting up multiple versions of your site in different countries.

27 May 2015


Customising your site for different countries is sometimes a necessity.  Specifically you may offer different services, sell different products or have a different message for customers in different countries. You may also want to redirect users from specific countries to the correct version of your site. Considerations: You will most likely want to have ...

Childcare Centes Australia

03 November 2004


Trent Moffatt Designs is proud to announce the launch of the publicly listed company Child Care Centres Australia. The Child Care Australia's site is the primary contact for all CCCA investors and includes real time charting and quotation of Child Care Australia's current stock price. more:

International Park Tours

01 January 2005


Trent Moffatt Designs is proud to announce the launch of International Park Tours. interNATIONAL PARKtours offer walking holidays to National Parks and World Heritage areas around the world. more:

TMD now taking Online Payments

27 July 2006


Trent Moffatt Designs has recently implemented an online payment system allows our clients to pay us online via Visa or MasterCard. This system is in real time and integrates closely with our current job and billing system, ensuring that your payments are received securely and recorded in a timely manner. There are ...

New website for Gold Coast Backpackers

19 June 2009


Gold Coast Backpackers Association is proud to launch their brand new website offering backpackers to the Gold Coast the most affordable accommodation and entertainment deals ever. is already being hailed by local tourism authorities and our guests as the perfect one-stop shop for backpackers. "We believe we know better than anyone ...

Local Concreting Company Goes Online

01 February 2010


Coastcrete specialises in the construction of industrial, commercial and retail projects including all concrete works, pre-cast panels, design, formwork and steel fixing. Coastcrete came to us saying they wanted a website that 'spoke' to their core target market, identified the large scope of works Coastcrete can handle, and gave them the ...

Password Strength is Vital in Protecting Your Business and Personal Information

19 February 2013


Guest Writer: Luke Halliday from Mercury IT In today's technologically driven business marketplace one of most often overlooked points of vulnerability to your business and personal security is the strength or weakness of the passwords that you define for usage when logging into: your computer network, email provider, online banking, accounting ...

Australia's new privacy laws and what they mean for your email marketing

20 March 2014


Do you shudder at the thought of having to read over a neverending commonwealth act and endless legal babble? Do you feel like you need a law degree just to make any sense of it all? If so, you’re not alone, most people cringe at the thought. Australia’s recently amended ...

15 June 2005


TMD is proud to announce the launch of its second job for leading national law firm Stacks Goudkamp. Stacks /Goudkamp Gunnedah is one of Australia's most successful small business and rural enterprise litigation practices. The firm assists clients in all Australian States and Territories and is part of the Stacks/Goudkamp legal network ...

New Jetpilot Online Store

01 November 2011


We are very proud to announce the launch of Jetpilots new eCommerce store.  Built entirely around our proprietary eCommerce platform, the online store is a great addition to an already awesome website. “TMD’s eCom platform is super flexible, and has allowed us to build a store that our customers love using.  ...

uROk Launched!

01 January 2003


Trent Moffatt Designs is pleased to announce the launch of this week. is a revolutionary e-portal and gateway to the tools and techniques you need to "rok"- and enjoy the journey. You'll find serious and incisive information on personal growth and development topics, mixed in with easy life tips ...

QR Concrete

29 April 2005


We are proud today to announce the launch of QR Concrete new corporate website. QR Concrete's primary role is a provider of concrete contracting services to builders, project managers, developers and property owners in the commercial and industrial arena. more:


Fraud Prevention Tools

21 November 2011


When taking online payments via your website, the vast majority of times this payment is processed in real time through a payment gateway (TMD’s recommended solution). As part of this payment gateway, there are normally a series of “fraud tools” that help weed out dodgy payments.  We’ve listed below a number ...

Why do I get spam or blank enquiries from my website

21 November 2011


If you’ve got an online form (like a contact form), and your site is a bit old (or your web developer is plain slack), and you’ve been receiving “blank” or “spam” enquiries through this form continue reading ... Why do I receive blank enquiries? Most likely there is no “validation” on the ...

New Billing System Update

16 November 2011


We’ve been busy little beavers putting together the next stage of our billing system.  Last week we launched a “progress report” feature, which allows clients to automatically receive an update on their billing status for the previous week.  If you would like to receive these reports please let us know. We ...

New Jetpilot Online Store

01 November 2011


We are very proud to announce the launch of Jetpilots new eCommerce store.  Built entirely around our proprietary eCommerce platform, the online store is a great addition to an already awesome website. “TMD’s eCom platform is super flexible, and has allowed us to build a store that our customers love using.  ...

I don't understand Twitter - Help!

25 August 2011


“I don’t get Twitter”, is often a phrase I hear from business owners, marketing execs and the average man in the street. And it doesn’t surprise me. Twitter can be quite tricky to get your head around. However once you do, you will find it can be a valuable resource ...

Top 5 secrets to selling online

16 August 2011


Selling products online can be an extremely profitable venture - here are the top 5 secrets so you too can get a piece of the internet pie! 1. Look at the product or service you are selling Clearly identify what your point of difference is and why people should purchase a product ...

How to get Social Media to work for your business.

12 July 2011


My old man told me 15 years ago “Son, this internet thing is never going to fly”. 15 years on, and he had everything an internet grandpa needs - an ipad, a couple of iMacs, and now he wants to get an iPhone. How things have changed. Strangely however, many people ...

Video Testimonials with Chris Mamo

06 June 2011


One of the Philosophies of TMD online is to provide our customers with the most up to date technology that can build your business online.   One of these technologies is the use of online video testimonials. This is where you have the opportunity to have one of your valued clients provide ...

New Billing System

30 May 2011


TMD Online is currently working on our new billing and job management platform (which we’ve codenamed “Wrangler”). Key Features Key features that you can expect to see from Wrangler rolled out over the coming months: Ability to view and pay invoices online Check balances of accounts View statements View account activity (payments, reminders, notes) Better client notifications ...

Why is SEO so important?

29 May 2011


SEO or search engine optimisation has always mystified clients.  What is it?  Why is it important?  Essentially search engine optimisation is the process of getting your site as high up on Google natural search results for a given search term (if you don’t know the difference between natural and sponsored ...